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This Genealogical Research Effort centers on that branch of the Lowery's who migrated into and settled in the State of Alabama. At this point in our research, it appears that this branch of the Lowery Tree settled initially in Shelby County, AL, prior to the 1820 Census, about the time Alabama became a State. The specific branch of this effort centers on the Lowery's who then migrated from Shelby County, AL, to Macon County, to Covington County, and, finally, into Escambia County, AL.

Henry, Tom, Bud, Son and Father
of Atmore, Alabama
"The Lowery Boys"

The primary purpose of this Genealogy Site is to contact and exchange Genealogy information with connecting members of this family tree. At this time the research has traced Ancestors back to David Lowry, born 1780 in South Carolina. For a wider view of connecting families such as Avery, Cameron, Mathis, Beck, Lynch, Smith and others, please refer to our "Lowery Genealogy Site" at http://www.geocities.com/heartland/1041

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This is a WORK site and is intended to attract and make contact with Members of the Lowery/Lowry trees. This site will receive changes often as a result of the research effort. If you have or desire information on this family tree, please contact:

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