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Work Data, Possible connections

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Items in this section represent information that offers possible use in the Lowery Research effort. Many of these items appear to offer a connection to the effort but require support data. It is hoped that other researchers will see information in this section that will "Ring a Bell" and that they have data related to these matters.

Anyone that thinks they can offer help in these areas please contact:

Winton W. Lowery

Basic Genealogy data from the Book "History of Escambia County Alabama"

"Andrew Madison Lowery was born of Scottish Immigrant parents in 1833, probably in Laurens County, Georgia. He died in 1871 in Evansville, Escambia County, Alabama. He married Kesiah Jane Mathis in Macon County Alabama in August 1851. He served in Finnegan's Florida Regiment in the Civil War. He was living in Georgia when the war ended and migrated by oxcart to Evansville, Alabama. A man named Franklin shot and killed Andrew, alleging that Andrew's dog was killing his sheep."

A two year concentrated effort was made to locate his parents, brothers, sisters, etc. in Laurens and Jefferson County Georgia. A Lowery family tree was located in these counties and considerable information on this tree was obtained. A William Lowry migrated from SC to Jefferson County GA. His children migrated to other parts of GA and AL. One of his children, Andrew Lowery, migrated to Laurens county GA. No connection was ever established to this family and Andrew Madison Lowery. Connections have been established with branches of William's children in Canoe and Atmore Alabama.

Positive connections were established with the Mathis family and the marriage of Andrew Madison Lowery and Kesiah Jane Mathis by way of county marriage records in Macon County Alabama. Further connections were established when it was discovered that not only Andrew M. Lowery, but two of his brothers, Calvin L. Lowery and Richard H. Lowery, were also married in Macon County Alabama in the same time frame. These family members were all children of Thomas Lowery of Shelby County Alabama and all are clearly identified in the 1850 Shelby County Alabama census report.