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Search Engines

Alta Vista Wide Range of Power Search Functions
Excite Search and Stemming Capabilities
Hot Bot Wide Range of Power Search Capabilities
Infoseek Search and Stemming Capabilities
Lycos New Upgrade, Use when others fail
The Searcher Links to over 50 search engines-Archie-FTP-Multiple search
Cyber 411 http://www.cyber411.ocm/search 15 Search Engines - One Query
Meta Crawler Queries to Several Engines at same time
Savvy Search http://wagner,cs,colostate,edu:1969 Searches Several Engines at same time
W3 Search Engines Many Search Engines
All In One Many Search Engines
Open Text Excellent for Power Searching
Web Crawler Small and Friendly
Search Com Links to huge range of Search engines and Directories
World Wide Web Worm One of first Search engines
FTP Search FTP search v3.4 - Norway
Yahoo!'s Web Search
Euro Seek European-based Search Engine - Covers Globe
AT1 Special Databases used by Press/Congress/Companies
Netscape-Whats New
Netscape-Whats Cool
Netscape-Ne Search
Microsoft-Explorer Search

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(human intervention)

Net Guide Net Guide Site
Exploration Search Engines, Guides, Archie, News, Weather, Topics, Tech Info, etc.
WOW Multiple Subjects, Answers, Books, Finance, News, Travel, etc.
Path Finder News, Weather, Guides, Finance, Entertainment, etc.
One Key Search Multiple Search Catagories.

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Reference Sites

WWWebster Dictiionary Dictionary
One Look Dictionaries Dictionaries
Languages Foreign Languages for Travelers
Lottery/Lotto Lottery's, Lotto, etc.
The Quotation Pages
Thesaurus Thesaurus
Old Farmers Almanac The Old Farmers Almanac
Ask An Expert Links to Experts from All Walks of Life
Find Out Findout's free Reference Service
Dates CalandarLand Links and calendar software
Encyclopedia http://www,eb,com Britannica Online (7 day free trial)
My Virtual Reference Desk Vast and Varied Reference Resources - Links
How To Ordinary Tasks
Money Watch Market Day Analysis, Market Surveillance
Your Money CNN Financial Network
Currency Currency Converter
US Congress U.S. Congress
US Government Congress, Senete, Constitution, Bill Of Rights, Links

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Locate People, Data, Business

People-White Pages Four11 Directory Service : E-Mail, Telephone, Net-Phone
Switch Board Name, Address, Email
555-1212 Name, Telephone, Address, Email, Area Codes, Web Sites
Big Foot White Pages, Names, Addresses, Email
Who's Who-Biography Online Data Base
Businesses-Yellow Pages BigBook Businesses Yellow Pages
Genealogy Research Genealogy Research - Data Bases - Links
Genealogy Sites Over 40,000 Top Genealogy Sites
Genealogy Home Pages Genealogy Home Pages
City Net Maps, People finder, Yellow Pages, City Guides, etc.
Map Quest Maps, Atlas, Driving directions
Postal Zip ZIP Codes, missing address Data
US Postal Service Postal Service Information, Zip's, etc.
UPS United Parcel Service Tracking
Fed Express Federal Express Tracking

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News and Weather

Newspapers Current U.S. Newspapers Index
New York Post New York Post Online
New York Times Hew York Times Newspaper
Washington Post Washington Post Newspaper
Washington Times Washington Times Newspaper
Fox News Fox News Network
ABC News ABC News
USA Today USA Today Newspaper
CNN CNN Cable Network
Daja News Search NewsGroups Discussions, Archives
National Weather Service
USA Today Weather
The Weather Channel

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Netscape Netscape - Browsers- Servers- Software
Microsoft Microsoft Corp. Software, Updates, Broswer, Server
Shareware Shareware Com - Excellent sife for Shareware
Windows95 Windows 95 Shareware - Excellent site
Computing Find a File Fast, Smart Search Engine
Web Developer For HTML Validation, Resources, Library
Jumbo Jumbo Software/Shareware Site - Large collection
PC Computing PC Computing Site - Large FREE download site
Real Real Player Plus site - streaming Audio and Video player, Voice EMail
Sound Ring Sound Ring - 250 Sites - WAV, RealAudio, Other sounds

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